1.“SELAH III (Fruits of the Spirit) – Live”  
2.“Let Go – Live”  
3.“Wake – Live”  
4.“Hindsight – Live”  
5.“Every Little Thing – Live”  
6.“Jesus Loves Me – Live”  
7.“Highs & Lows – Live”  
8.“P E A C E – Live”  
9.“Days Gone By – Live”  
10.“Push/Pull – Live”  
11.“How Deep Is the Love – Live”  
12.“Sinking Deep – Live”  
13.“First Love – Live”  
14.“Heart of God – Live” (featuring Chris Tomlin)  
15.“Just Jesus – Live”  
1.“Where You Are”   
2.“Real Love”   
3.“Only Wanna Sing”   
4.“Face to Face”   
5.“To My Knees”   
7.“Never Alone”   
8.“When the Fight Calls”   
9.“Falling into You”   
10.“This Is Living”   
11.“In Your Eyes”   
13.“Where You Are” (Radio Version)
6.“Love Goes On”   
7.“Gracious Tempest”   
8.“End of Days”   
9.“Back to Life”   
10.“In Sync”   
12.“Sinking Deep”   
13.“Alive” (studio version)   
14.“Wake” (studio version)   
15.“Back to Life” (studio version)
 “Best Friends”  
 “This Is Living”  
 “Let Go”  
 “Love Won’t Let Me Down”  
 “Love Won’t Let Me Down (Reimagined)”  
 “Falling Into You”  
 “Where You Are”  
“Sentimental Trick” Future Jr.
“Violent Motion” Solomon O
“Miscommunication” MTNS

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